Our Top 5 Gun Attachments

Buying the best firearms is only part of the picture if you want to make sure you can defend yourself from threats and enjoy your hobby to the fullest. You’ll also need to pick up several quality gun attachments and accessories.

Today, let’s break down our top five gun attachments you can buy right on this website for great prices!

5. Speed Loader

A speed loader such as this one allows you to load a magazine extremely quickly. When used correctly, you'll be able to load one round per second: about 66% faster than if you were to thumb load cartridges into a magazine. The attachment rests on top of a magazine and feeds rounds sequentially – even better, it works with either single or double stack pistols depending on what you have. This speed loader is compatible with 9 mm, 10 mm, .357, 40, and 45-cal magazines.

Ultimately, it’s a phenomenal attachment to protect your fingers and magazines and help you get your mags loaded for a day at the shooting range in no time.

4. Biometric Digital Safe

Keeping your guns safe often involves putting them inside a safe, too. Rather than keeping them hidden in your closet or under your bed, make sure your kids can’t accidentally find your guns and a burglar can’t steal your weaponry with this biometric digital safe.

Since it doesn’t rely on keys or passwords to protect your guns, it’s essentially impregnable and it’s made from solid steel. It’s easy to set up and access, and you can reprogram the safe with an additional passcode in addition to your biometric fingerprint. It can hold 120 fingerprints in total to give other people you trust access to the safe if necessary.

3. Reflex Holographic Sight 

This reflex holographic sight is a perfect optical attachment for rifles and shotguns. It’s adjustable for four different styles of reticles, and in red or green colors depending on whether you’re shooting during the day or in dark environments, like the night. A 33 mm lens will allow you to acquire your target quickly, and you can select from up to seven brightness settings.

The sight is already premade to offer unlimited eye relief and correct for parallax. It’s durable, waterproof, and shockproof and is easy to mount onto any standard rail system.

2. Spotting Monocular

Long-distance sharpshooters and snipers will get a lot of value out of this phenomenal monocular. It’s totally weatherproof and fireproof, making it a great hunting accessory. It has lenses that are fully multi-coated to improve light transmission and boost brightness and clarity.

You'll be able to swap between 15x and 45x magnification, and the monocular even comes with a tripod to let you view your target from any position.

1. Tactical Magnet

This last phenomenal gun attachment is a tactical magnet. Install this anywhere you like and you can keep a defensive handgun within reach no matter what thanks to the powerful magnets embedded in its main compartments. For instance, you can easily mount this beneath your desk to protect yourself at work if you’re a bank manager.

The magnet also comes with a rubber top finishing so your firearms won’t be scratched. It comes with mounting tape backing as well to ensure that it never falters, even when placed facing the floor.

In the end, each of these excellent gun attachments or accessories provide real value to those who plan to use them properly. We’d definitely recommend picking up at least a couple to either increase your weapon handling or make your guns safer or easier to store. Let us know if you have questions about any of the pieces!



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