5 Items You Need in These Increasingly Uncertain Times

There’s no denying that we currently live in increasingly uncertain times.

And while it’s smart to stock up on all the essentials that are easy to think about...

There are also some other key items that could quickly turn into your essentials if ever push comes to shove during these times of unrest.

Here are the five rare items you may not have considered, but that you'll nonetheless want to have in your arsenal, so you can always be ready for anything... 

5. A Comfortable & Functional Belly Band Holster


The first crucial item is a belly band holster, like our nifty design that's packed with handy features to make your life easier and more comfortable. This holster lets you comfortably carry any concealed weapon you’re qualified to use, and is an ambidextrous design, so it works whether you’re a righty or lefty.

It’s stretchy and super comfortable for both men and women. This is partially because it comes in three sizes that fit everyone, and also due to the well-thought out design details like its surgical grade elastic, to ensure maximum flexibility without causing skin irritation.

Even better, the holster comes with a retention strap to allow a quicker draw. Use it for concealed carry 9 mm, 38 special, 45 ACP, and other handguns depending on your preferences.

4. A Good Concealment Purse

Need a purse to handle your concealed weapon? Look no further than our cowhide leather concealment purse. Not only is there plenty of room for your handgun, but there are also other pockets for your phone and other common accessories. 

This purse is made to last thanks to the high-quality leather it's been exquisitely crafted from. The intuitive design process called for highly functional features and additional safety to be incorporated, so there’s a zipper on the top to prevent kids from reaching in to find your defensive weapon.

The handgun holster itself is positioned for a fast draw, so you can get the drop swiftly whether you’re right- or left- handed. Lastly, it’s easily adjustable and is perfect for either crossbody or shoulder carry.

3. A Nutritious & Tasty 72-Hour Food Supply

In a survival situation, hunger can easily get the better of you and cause you to make less than logical decisions. If you’re ever stuck in a short-term survival scenario, our 72-hour food supply will go a long way toward helping you and your family stay calm and collected. 

This kit comes with plenty of delicious meals that can easily be prepared without common appliances or accessories. All you need is water! To make sure the food lasts for a long time, everything is sealed in special pouches that have 25-year shelf lives.

We keep a bunch of these stocked up in our emergency bunkers, and have a few handy around the house in case we’re ever stranded at home for a few days.

2. A Water Filtration System

Our water filtration system is a must-have item if you want to ensure you have clean drinking water in a survival situation. It can remove up to 99.9999% of most impurities, including harmful forms of bacteria and minerals like lead.

It doesn’t need any electricity, so it’s perfect for use while off the grid.

Grab this and use it to stock your survival bunker, or just keep it around in case water stops flowing from your faucets.  

1. A Quick Draw Tactical Magnet

Lastly, consider attaching our tactical magnet to practically any surface around your home, car, or place of work. It’s perfect for keeping your handgun within reach under your car’s dashboard or under your desk, so you can have your fast defenses kicked up into high gear and at the ready, wherever you find yourself.

Its powerful magnets ensure it can hold up to 25 pounds without coming off, plus it even comes with a protective guard surface to prevent scratches and keep your firearm looking in pristine condition, no matter how many times or how rapidly you draw it from its cradle. 

Because we never know when a flip in the script could suddenly be upon us... (and these days, it honestly could be any moment now!) We're sure you'll agree that staying ahead of the game and channeling our inner prepper is a smart move right now.

The thing about getting our homes prepared with ample sustenance and protection to get us and our families through any trouble, in its essence, means that we won't know when we'll need it...

But trust us, if a time comes when you do actually need these things, you'll be so glad you took the time to ensure your kit was well stocked and your arsenal packed to the gunnels before all hell broke loose. 

Thank you for reading, 



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